How to prevent harassment at your workplace?

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Managing a company is not everyone’s cup of tea as you have to take care of different aspects to keep the environment safe and sound for the employees. Harassment cases have become quite common nowadays, especially in official workplaces, and it has also become a serious issue for management as they have to put additional efforts to stop such cases from happening at their workplace. There have been some cases in that past, such as the case of kevin mullin, which attracted a lot of controversy as one of his colleagues wrote about him that he harassed her at the workplace. You can take some preventive measures to make your workplace safer and harassment-free for the employees.

What preventive measures can help to establish a harassment-free environment?

Proper harassment policy

Every organization must have a good harassment policy so that all the employees feel safe, and no one even thinks of harassing any other employee in the office. You should have the harassment policy posted, and everyone should be aware of it. If you don’t have a clear idea of how to post or formulate a good harassment policy for the workplace, then you can take some valuable assistance from a legal advisor or lawyer.

Promote transparency

Lack of transparency is one of the major reasons why the sufferers hesitate to raise their voices and complain against the harasser. To solve this issue, you must increase the transparency in the company as there are various policies such as an open-door policy that can help you to achieve this goal. It will boost the feeling of comfort in the employees, and they will feel free to register complaints and give suggestions to make the workplace safe, comfortable, and harassment-free.

To put it in a nutshell, as a manager, there are some responsibilities you need to fulfill, and providing a harassment-free environment is one of them. There are various reforms that you can make for a better workplace.

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